Hemorrhoids and Diverticulosis

Hemorrhoids and diverticulosis are really only related in the sense that, if you are suffering with diverticulosis you are most probably also suffering with hemorrhoids.

The reason for this is that both ailments are derived from a lack of fiber in your daily diet.

Diverticulosis is when the lining along the large intestine or colon, collapses in certain places due to weakening of the same lining (or colon walls) and various pockets form.

The most common symptoms of diverticulosis are generally none at all. However some people may experience some cramps in the abdomen, bloating and constipation.

Diverticulosis should not be left unattended as these pockets can then fill up with substance and become infected. This can cause you amongst other symptoms, temperature, bleeding from the anus or even blockage of the colon.

If this is left untreated it can go a step further and cause even worse complications, to the point that surgery is required.

Since both ailments diverticulosis and hemorrhoids are related due to lack of fiber, it therefore makes sense to include fiber in your daily diet, thus helping to avoid both problems.

This is a typical scenario where "two birds are caught with one stone" is the perfect idiom.

To help with diverticulosis, your fiber intake should be higher than that for hemorrhoids. Thus 35 to 40 gr is a good daily dosage of fiber to take.

Psyllium husk is excellent for diverticulosis as it lines the colon walls, and being fiber will also supplement your daily intake of fiber.

If you have any of the above symptoms, it's advisable that you consult a medical doctor to establish the cause of these symptoms, before complications arise.

Diverticulosis is more common if you are 40 years of age and even more so after the age of 60.

So by stepping up your fiber intake, you stand a better chance of avoiding both hemorrhoids and the diverticulosis.

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