Aloe Vera
           For Hemorrhoids

Aloe vera has been used forever by our ancestors and all the generations to today, because of the many healing powers it has. It's been used externally as a lotion or cream and internally as a beverage. Amongst all its different uses.

It can be also be used for its anti-inflammatory properties, anti-allergy and anti-bacterial properties. This is the properties that interest us with hemorrhoids. With the three properties in one, it is exactly what is needed to put on hemorrhoids.

The plant originates from North Africa.

Looks like a dry desert plant with thick pointed shaped leaves that are full of thick aloe sap.

The leaves are full of little teeth running all along the leaves, which can hurt you if you touch them.

These leaves are grayish greenish in color. It grows pretty easily in most climates.

I have a plant in my garden, that's how easy it is to grow and I am a pretty useless gardener.

Aloe Vera for Hemorrhoids

I used to break the bottom part of the leaf in half and put the aloe gel directly on the hemorrhoid. This gel is completely clear and odorless. Alternatively if you don't have a plant at home you can buy aloe gel over the counter in the pharmacies.

I have found aloe gel to work on small hemorrhoidal problems, but as soon as the hemorrhoids are a little more complicated.

I found the aloe gel not to work at all.

Also it takes a lot longer for the hemorrhoid to heal with the gel.

A slow and long process, that never seems to end.

Another problem is the soothing of the pain was only momentarily. The pain returned soon after using the aloe gel.

Therefore I would certainly use an alternative medication for hemorrhoids.

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