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The reason I am so enthusiastic about site build it, is simply because it is so easy to use and it let's you realize dreams that I never thought possible.

With this web builder all you have to worry about is to write your material, and the rest is done for you.

All that internet jargon like algorithms(hope its right!) and HTML writing is all taken care of.

To actually start the process of a web page, and what the page looks like, is a simple block by block process.

That even I managed to do.

They also take care of helping in making your site visible to the many thousands of people that search the net everyday like yourself.

There is also a bunch of very friendly people that you can talk to via a forum. These people are there to help in anyway possible if you have not managed to understand something, which is hard no to.

Site Build It!

The program is very versatile and allows for people like myself who know very little about web building, to the more computer/net literate types.

In fact on the forums I hear many literate types who have web sites elsewhere, and have move across to SBI, because it's so much better and more efficient compared to what they have been using in the past.

So if you are enthusiastic about a topic as I am about hemorrhoids, or you have a hobby, or want to make some money or you want to start a business.



You want the world to hear about it, or just the community around you to hear about it.

Look at what Solo Build It can do to help you.

Listen to the SBI videos and look at the results and you will be amazed just as I was.

The best I always leave until last!

That is Ken Envoy, who is a doctor by profession and the owner of SBI. Seems like a very honest and down to earth person, and runs this SBI site with honesty and integrity.

That is really why I am so proud to be associated with him and his team.


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