Facts About A Hemorrhoid

I write about a hemorrhoid just as it should be written. I might offend some people with my dark writings about the subject. I may also offend some folks with some revolting and disturbing pictures or videos that I put up on the web.

I have also offended people with my controversial theories against surgery.

Not forgetting certain people I have offended with my theories that are against the "trend".

But if you had suffered all your life with this problem like I have, you would also have learned a thing or two about the subject.

In my writings it is not my intention to offend anybody. However it is my intention to make you aware of the "TRUTH" of what a persistent pest they can be.

I only write things the way it is, from many years of personal experience and tribulations together with my pharmaceutical background.

That makes me as qualified as can be to comment on the best description of hemoroids symptoms.

If I say that surgery only aggravates the problem further, as it is not the solution. Then I speak from experience with hemmoroids banding and also from having spoken with so many victims of other methods of surgery.

So if "what you read is scary,"  WELL IT IS!

Because hemroids although not life threatening, can destroy your life in so many other ways.

Sometimes the "truth" or the "Hemroid Pictures" can be scaring or offending. But you should look beyond that and worry more about a hemroid remedy.

The sooner the better, because they do not forgive.


All my writings, including my E-book are genuine writings. Not copied from anybody else, but from my personal hardships with real amazing results, and I must admit that I am delighted with my positive findings.

That is what gives me the drive to shout out and tell the world, how to cure them permanently.

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