Skin Tag Removal

There are different ways to remove a skin tag. Most of them are easily removed in a doctor's office with or without a local anaesthetic.

This will be determined by the size and the position of the tag on your body, then the doctor will decide if a local anesthetic is necessary or not.

If you do need a local anaesthetic. An injection of lignocaine will be given to the nerve in the area where the tag is located.

The needle used for this is very small in size and you will hardly feel anything.

Break Through Skin Tag Removal Product

After several minutes the area is dormant and the doctor will proceed either by removing it with sharp scissors, or he will cut and burn the tag with a cautery machine.

If you on the other hand you don't need a local anesthetic, then usually a freezing agent is used. The doctor freezes the tag, and then simply tears it off.  Hopefully removing the roots with it, otherwise it will regrow in the very near future.

Skin Tag

There are also freezing agents available to do it yourself at home. Other methods to do it yourself, is to tie the base of the tag with dental floss, or you could also use a piece of cotton.

After a few days it will just fall off by itself.

Another do it yourself,  which is a highly recommendable method is to use the following oils to remove the tags. 

This is the best and the safest way to use, if you are going to do it yourself at home.

For the more complex tags, these are the ones with deep roots, surgical removal is usually performed.

This is usually the case with anus tags  which are caused by hemorrhoids.

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