Skin Tags

Skin tags are very common in most people. They can range in size from a small pin head to the size of a ping pong ball. It is not really known why they come about and also how they come about.

There is however some relation that they are more popular in people that are either over weight or in old age. They are also more common in people with diabetics and people with crohnn's disease.

They do tend to appear more often in areas that your skin has folds in them. Such as areas like the neck around the armpits, the groins and under the breasts.

However they do grow in other areas like the face, stomach, arms, legs and even on eyelids.

Skin Tags

The scientific name for a tag is an acrochordon. It is also known as a small benign tumor. Usually they never become cancerous.

A tag is just a piece of irregular smooth skin hanging from a stalk. They are either flesh color or dark brownish in color, as per the above photo.

Usually they do not hurt in any way, but can become irritated and cause frustration when rubbing against clothes or rubbing against jewelery, or even rubbing against skin when they appear on the folds.

Like With myself, I had one near my groins and it really became irritated as it was rubbing on my inner leg.

This is one of the causes when a tag removal is necessary.

Another reason for removal is that they are ugly to see, and many people remove them for cosmetic reasons.

They can be confused with warts, and moles hence it is advisable to make sure yours is indeed a tag.

On the other hand, hemorrhoids tags are very similar to these tags, but are not exactly the same and should be dealt with differently.

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