Obesity And Hemorrhoids

Obesity occurs in many cases due to our modern lifestyle. By this I mean fast foods, drinks, play stations, cars, computers, T.V. and the list goes on.

Only in a few cases people are actually obese because of a malfunction of certain glands.

Well hemorrhoids are also a cause of our modern lifestyle living.

By this I mean the same fast foods that we eat for our meals, because fast food lacks any fiber. Drinks, because all the sodas are not really hydrating the body, they only make you fat.

If on the other hand  you consider drinks as being alcoholic, then this is even worse as alcoholic drinks are all dehydrating for the body.

The other one is lack of exercise, because watching T.V. and playing video games keep you on the sofa all day.

The last one and the main one being the way in which we evacuate on the toilet. Here I am talking about the conventional toilet at home, which is the number one culprit in causing hemorrhoids.

To Be Obese Certainly Does Not Help Hemorrhoids In Any Way, The Reason Being As Follows:

To be Obese can certainly cause more pressure on the anus area, by the weight pulling downwards. This downward pressure may irritate the hemorrhoids more and deteriorate them further.

It may also take a lot longer to help with hemorrhoids healing. The reason for this statement is that blood circulation is not as good as it should be in an overweight person compared to a normal weight person.

SIDEBAR:The blood circulation is what restores the hemorrhoids and gets rid of hemorrhoids, by strengthening the vein walls in the anus area.

Obesity and Hemorrhoids

If you are overweight by some 20 pounds(40Kg) or more.

You should seriously consider a weight diet firstly for your health in general, and also if you want some relief from painful hemorrhoids.

It would definitely help with hemorrhoids.

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