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Water also known as H2O, is the main ingredient for our bodies. Much more important than food. In fact it is known that one can survive many more days without food than without H2O.

No wonder. Our body is made up of 75% H2O. That's how important H2O is for our body to function properly.

There is no exception for us with our hemorrhoids. We need H2O intake on a daily basis to help with keeping the stools soft.

Unfortunately, fiber foods and stool softeners is not enough to keep the stools soft and easy. You need to supplement this with H2O.


The recommended
daily intake
would be
eight glasses
a day.

This does not mean eight glasses of liquid a day.

If it's possible try to make it as close as you can to be eight glasses of actual H2O a day, and not eight glasses of liquid a day.

As you can deduce from the above mentioned article. Not only will this help with your hemorrhoids. It will also help with keeping all other organs and parts of your body in good condition.

Be very careful not to confuse alcohol, as part of your daily intake.

The reason I mention this is because, although alcohol is a liquid, it is actually a dehydrating agent. This means that instead of hydrating the body, it actually dehydrates the body.

Therefore, if you drink alcohol you need to supplement your daily intake of H2O by more than the daily recommended dosage to overcome the alcohol dehydration effect.

Just a quick mention that if you can afford to buy a H2O filtration system, that would be the ultimate. As filtering the H2O now days is so important, as the purity in our city pipes is no longer there.

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