Best Description Of Hemorrhoid Symptoms

The only way to portray the best description of hemorrhoid symptoms is when you have suffered with the different types of hemorrhoids like myself.

Believe me when I say that I am not trying to show off with this statement, but rather aim to explain how come I am so knowledgeable about the different symptoms of hemorrhoids.

The hemorrhoid symptoms you should mostly concern yourself about and the common thing with all hemorrhoids, is the bright red blood.

Get checked by a medical doctor to be certain that the bright red blood is indeed from a hemorrhoid and not some other ailment which also bleeds via the rectum.

When the bright red blood is mainly found in the pan and you are without pain, your rectum might be itchy or you could have a feeling of an obstruction in the anal canal or a burning sensation, or all of the above, your chances are high that you are suffering with an internal hemorrhoid.

When the bright red blood is mainly found on the paper, you feel a lump on your anus, you might also have an itch, or the feeling of continually wanting to evacuate or a burning sensation, or all of the above, and an acute pain, then you probably have got an external hemorrhoid.

The best description of hemorrhoid symptoms that most accurately fits fissure hemorrhoids is a very tiny amount of bright red blood on the paper and an excruciating, knife stabbing pain before during and after evacuation.

No blood, a hard solid lump on the anus, with sharp pains when walking, standing, sitting will probably make you a sufferer of a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

Bright red blood in the pan, a lump that comes out of the anus when evacuating, some pain, either an itchy rectum or a burning sensation is a result of new prolapsed hemorrhoids.

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