Hemorrhoid Remedy

The basic hemorrhoid remedy procedures is used for hemorrhoids at any stage that you are at.

If this is your first bout of hemorrhoids then this procedure will fix them very quickly and easily.

If it is your second or third bout of hemorrhoids, the same procedures apply, but it will take a little longer to fix.

If this is your tenth bout of hemorrhoids and you are probably a chronic hemorrhoids sufferer by now, the same procedures continue to apply, but again it will take a lot longer and it will be harder to cure.

So to sum it up, the basic remedy is the same for whatever stage your hemorrhoids are at. Ultimately the results will all be the same, "Cured Permanently" and that is what is important.

I am not talking about
a quick band aid fix
but rather a
Permanent solution

The main difference between the different stages of hemorrhoids, as mentioned above, will be that following the basic remedy for all the hemorrhoids, the medication will vary depending on what stage your hemorrhoids are at.

The reason that I am so confident about my above mentioned statements, to cure hemorrhoids permanently, at whatever stage they are at,  is due to the following:

Once you find and you deal with the source of the problem, written in my hemorrhoids E-book, you will have a pretty good chance of healing your hemorrhoids at whatever stage they are at.

This happens because you are no longer deteriorating them any further. Hence they get a chance of healing properly and permanently with the medication.

The only difference, I am repeating myself, is how long it will take between one stage of hemorrhoid and another. If your hemorrhoids are very deteriorated, I am sorry but it is impossible to cure them in 24 or 48 hours. It will take time to cure, but they will cure.

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