What Is Hemorrhoid Banding

Hemorrhoid banding is just another word or expression for rubber band ligation.

This is when tiny rubber bands are placed at the base of the hemoroid. This in turn will stop the blood flow altogether to the hemoroid. Killing off the blood supply to the hemoroid will cause the hemoroid to die.

It will then drop off by itself.

Usually the hemorrhoid dropping off, happens about 24 to 48 hours after the procedure is done.

This procedure is the safest one, amongst all the other surgery options available. It is probably also the most cost effective one, as the whole procedure can be done in a doctor's office with or without local anesthesia. Thus no hospitalization is required.

This is the instrument that
a medical doctor will use to
insert the rubber bands.

This procedure is best performed for internal hemorrhoids and or small hemorrhoids.

However good or safe this method is, it is still a major failure.

I have had it done twice on myself, and both times I have only suffered from irrational burning, extreme pain, and a continual uncontrollable urge to pass stools.

A huge disappointment, a lot of frustration, a hole in my pocket, and what for?

My hemorrhoid returned a month later!!!

If only I knew what I know today!

There is a natural and more orthodox way to remove hemorrhoids permanently without having to resort to rubber band ligation or any other type of surgery for hemorrhoids for that matter.

N.B. All this easy to do permanent cure for hemorrhoids in the comfort of your own home, and the cost for this, you would think must be huge. Well surprise! It is less than one visit to your local medical doctor.

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