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The following are some of the questions about hemorrhoids I have been asked, with my respective answers.

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Give me one valid reason why I should buy your E-book, considering that all the procedures to get rid of hemorrhoids is on your web site?

Well since you have already tried some of my procedures on my web site, and you are here asking me a question about hemorrhoids. This means you are happy and know that my procedures work. Therefore why not go the extra mile, and find out how to cure hemorrhoids permanently and make sure they never return. Don't forget sooner or later they will return with vengeance, which will be harder to get rid of hemorrhoids and more PAIN than before. By the way I also have another procedure for more stubborn hemorrhoids or fissures to get rid of, explained in detail in my E-book about hemorrhoids made easy.

Why should I pay for this E-book?

The answer is simple. When you are sick and you go to a Doctor to get better. He charges you something called a consultation fee. He would tell you what you need to do or which medicine you need for your particular problem to get better. Well this is the same thing. Except we are doing this via the internet, and you must do the work by reading a book to get answers to your hemorrhoid problems. That is why it is much cheaper than a doctors consultation. (this depends which country and area you live in) Especially for you David, in the country that you live in, you would expect to pay around $85.00 a consultation. Plus there might be a follow up consultation.

How can I be sure that your information is true, and that it will work for me?

I will start by saying that we humans differ from one person to another, but fundamentally we are all made the same way. Unless you are from outer space! The evacuation process is pretty much the same for everybody. Some more stubborn than others, so my procedure will take longer to work, but the end result will be a win formula for everybody, provided that you are consistent. Consistency is the key to the solution. In case, it does not work out for your personal problem Diane. On my e-book page, it states that I will refund your money if you are not happy. Now more than that I cannot do. However I will go a step further, as I will be putting up some testimonials very soon for you and others to read. These testimonials is what people that have read and used my systems think about me and my E-book. Hope this will settle your nerviness.

How can the bowel action be related to hemorrhoids?

HA HA Ha you haven't been reading my site properly, otherwise you need not ask the question. However I am here to answer all questions about hemorrhoids. The evacuation process has everything to do with hemorrhoids. It is the start and the continuation of hemorrhoids deteriorating further and further. Evacuation is the key to getting rid of hemorrhoids permanently and for hemorrhoids never to return. It is of course also the key to hemorrhoid prevention. In other words you cannot cure hemorrhoids if you do not evacuate the proper way. Further more, if you do manage to cure the hemorrhoids with creams or surgery or whatever method, the hemorrhoids will return if you have not mastered the evacuation process properly. Does this make sense now? Hope I have answered your question about hemorrhoids okay. So do not ignore the evacuation part of the book, it is VITAL.

How am I supposed to know which is the right cream for me to use? I am confused?

Okay it is understandable. I will try and explain this in the best possible way. Firstly whatever type of hemorrhoid you have, start with a cream in the weakest strength first. After two to three days, if you feel no improvement at all, proceed to a cream in the next strength. If on the other hand you feel some improvement after two to three days, then continue with the cream for about ten days. Even if all symptoms disappear after six days the secret is to continue for a few more days . Now back to the medium strength cream. Try this cream for two to three days and if you have no improvement at all then jump up to the strongest cream. If you do feel improvement after two to three days, then continue with this cream until all symptoms disappear. Then return to the first cream you used in the weakest strength creams, for a few more days making a total of twelve to fourteen days all together.N.B. All cream strengths are found on my hemorrhoids cream page.

I suffer from a very bad case of prolapsed hemorrhoids. Like the pictures you have on your web site, maybe even worse. I am under a lot of pain. Please tell me if your book is be able to cure me?

The simple answer is yes. The more complex answer is that the method of treatment I use in my book for similar cases like yourself will only work if the person responds well to this type of treatment.(So far all the people that I have used this treatment have all been cured.) With those hemorrhoids your are at your last straws, and the next thing is surgery. So if my treatment does not help, you will still need the book for after your surgery because if you don't evacuate properly the hemorrhoids will soon return after the surgery. So either way it is not a waste of money. Plus if the treatment does not cure your hemorrhoids, it will certainly reduce the pain, and the inflammation. Good luck with it all!! If you decide to buy my E-book about hemorrhoids, please let me know the results. I would be very interested. Thanks.

Hemorrhoid Questions

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