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Hi, my name is Rudi Sturlese, and this page is all about me. I have been a hemorrhoid sufferer from the tender age of eight. It all started from some bad advice by my mother.

She knew no better at the time and she was only trying to help me. She told me to go every morning to the toilet at the same time. This way I could avoid going to outside toilets or public toilets, which I despised.

This habit of regular hourly bowel movement continued all my life. This is what caused my many different types of hemorrhoids to come and go, until such time that they became chronic and unbearable to live with.

That was the moment when I made a vow with myself that I must find a permanent cure to this problem. I put all my resources together, I had gathered over time in my pharmaceutical career. All the visits to the various Western and Eastern doctors I had been over the years.

I finally made the connection, and suddenly it was all plain English. I had found the permanent cure to hemorrhoids. What a wonderful feeling to be totally free from hemorrhoids.


Guess what, amazingly the hemorrhoids never returned.

My next step was the result of my inquisitive mind working.

I was really curious to find out if my system worked on other people. So I discreetly started inquiring amongst my family members and friends if any were suffering with hemorrhoids.

Would they be brave enough to try out my hemorrhoids cure system.

To my delight the system worked on all of them. They all got rid of their hemorrhoids permanently.

One of my friends pointed out to me that seeing  I have acquired a liking for the internet, I should write a book and host it on a web site, and tell people about me. This way many more people will be able to benefit from this phenomenal discovery.

I am afraid I turned him down flat, as my computer knowledge was not to be desired, let alone set up a whole web site.

He then explained to me about site build it and how you can build a web site easily and quickly without any knowledge of computers. The only thing you need is to have a passion about a subject, or to have an authority in a subject, or a hobby, and you can then convey this to others on the web. All the while, making money.  

So I listened to the Site Build It testimonials, and realized that I should give it a go, nothing to loose! and tell everybody about me and my hemorrhoid discovery. 

As they say the rest is history. Here I am.

Just a quick note.

It is important that you read all the pages thoroughly, don't rush into things. Understand where you are at with your hemorrhoids. In other words get a professional diagnosis of what type and what stage your hemorrhoids are.

You can then take action and cure your hemorrhoids permanently.

You may even discuss these treatments with your practitioner and seek his professional opinion. All the material herewith provided is really excellent and has been tested and proven, but it is only informative material and will not under any circumstance replace a medical professional opinion.

If on the other hand you are not sure of something, or have any questions that needs to be answered.

You may use the contact me form.

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