Which Hemorrhoids Cream?

There are so many different hemorrhoids cream available on the market today that your head can literally spin as to which one to choose.

I have personally tried many different creams, so I have quiet a good knowledge as to which ones are better.

However having said that, I would rather use my pharmacy knowledge and explain in simple terms a little background about creams, so that you are armed with a better knowledge as to which cream to choose for yourself.

Firstly the difference between creams and ointments is that the cream is a water based product.

This means that creams can be rubbed in easily and in thus doing the water evaporates leaving a thin film of the active ingredients behind that are not greasy. Ointments on the other hand are very greasy.

The body absorbs ointments slightly better than creams.

The body absorbs creams and ointments the most and the fastest via the anus.

Thus you must be careful with some creams and ointments.

It is important that you start your hemorrhoid treatment with a weaker type cream. If this hemorrhoids cream does nothing for you after a period of three days.

Work your way up to a stronger type cream and again if this does nothing for you after three days, you then progress to the strongest type cream.

When I say after three days, I mean that you should feel some improvement only, not total cure.

Only if you are 100% sure that you have no improvement at all then only do you step up to the stronger cream.

The reason for this above mentioned statement is that your body gets very familiar very quickly to creams and ointments. The consequences are that the particular cream or ointment may not work in the near future when you may really need this particular cream.

So why take a chance using a cream that you might not need at this stage.

Another problem with your stronger type creams and ointments is that you can ruin your skin around the anus causing skin eczema for the rest of your life and other more serious complications.

This problem is usually caused by overdosing on the cream or ointment. This is easily done by using the cream or ointment for more than seven days.

Hence it is important to start with the weakest cream first.

--------------- CREAM STRENGTHS ---------------

In the weaker type creams and ointments you are looking for a simple formula, with a high dose of protective base including a vascoconstrictor base hemorrhoids cream.

All this jargon means something that will protect the hemorrhoids from further deterioration and something to cure hemorrhoids.

A good example is Preparation H. Found World wide, or rectinol.

In the next catagory you are looking for creams and ointments with a protective base, contains an anesthetic and a vascoconstrictor base hemorrhoid cream.

This means protection of the hemorrhoids from further deterioration, something to cure haemorrhoids and something extra to suppress the pain.

A good example of this is Preperation H maximum strength, or Tronolane or Fleet Pain Relief Pads.

Stepping this category up a little, you could use an ointment that has a cortisone base, but is not too strong.

A good example of this is Tucks-Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch.

In the stronger type you are looking for creams or ointments with a corticosteroid base and possibly with also an anesthetic combination.

This contains cortisone and in most cases a script is needed.

A good example of this is Anusol HC , or Proctocort, or Proctosedyl or Scheriproct.

For Fissure hemorrhoids there is only one type of ointment on the market according to the medical fraternity and that is an ointment which contains nitroglycerin as the main active ingredient.


When using a hemorrhoids cream/ointment with external hemorrhoids, make sure your finger is clean.

Gently rub the cream all around the hemorrhoid and go slightly in the anus without causing yourself an injury.

With internal hemorrhoids use the applicator, which is usually supplied with all hemorrhoids creams.

Rub some cream on the applicator itself before inserting in the anus. In other words you need to lubricate the applicator.

Always remember to wash the applicator thoroughly after use. The most common aid to creams or ointments is suppositories, especially used with internal hemorrhoids.

Always read the instruction leaflet found in the box.

However the norm is to apply the hemorrhoids cream three times a day.

Morning, lunch and before bed.

Apply after every toilet movement and after every sitz bath.

Not much cream (quantity) should be applied at a time, but the cream should be well spread around.

Another problem I encountered with my Hemorrhoid problems. Over time, I have overdosed myself with hydrocortisone cream.

The result is that my skin around the anus has remained and will remain irritated forever. This causes me a major itchy rectum.

This problem I have resolved by using a zinc oxide base cream.

A common one to use is Daktozin.

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