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Hemorrhoid surgery is something that should not be taken lightly. It should be used as your last resource. There are many different reasons, why you should leave it until last.

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I will point out to you some of the disadvantages.

I am in a position to comment about surgery for hemorrhoids, because I have been down that road and know the results and tribulations.

The main reason I believe, is that not enough research (money) has gone into this type of surgery. Really not enough research has gone into hemorrhoids in general, not only into the surgery side of hemorrhoids.

This is understandable as there are many other life threatening ailments that need priority.

For us hemorrhoid sufferers this unfortunately does not help at all. I believe things will change in the future as the number of sufferers are by the minute increasing at a phenomenal rate.

Although not life threatening it can destroy your lifestyle in many ways as with myself.

Other main reasons to avoid surgery are the risks involved with anesthesia, although I believe it is low. This however also depends on your age, and the risk does increase as the age gets older.

Hemorrhoid Surgery

All the Extra Pain you will suffer as a result of post surgery is indescribable.

The terrible risk of permanent incontinence or permanent impotence.

This is one that really worried me. The thought of wearing nappies, or carrying around a plastic bag was just not for me.

The thought of putting in jeopardy never having sex again, was also daunting.

The cost factor is also a big negative.

An operation of this kind can cost anything up to $5000. This off course depends in what country you live in. In some countries no medical assistance is given for this type of surgery.

Last but not least. I always leave the last as the best one.

Unfortunately, believe it or not but it's TRUE. After having suffered a huge amount of post pain surgery, spent a lot of money, risks of anesthesia, risks of incontinence, you have an extremely HIGH RISK that the hemorrhoids return.

In a lot of cases the hemorrhoids do return, because surgery cannot fix what causes them.

A look at what some post hemorrhoids operation pictures look like.

N.B.Warning pictures are Graphic

The solution is to fix what causes hemorrhoids.

N.B. After having said all of the above. I must also point out to you that in some extreme cases the more difficult and complex cases, unfortunately surgery is the only solution. However you should follow on after the surgery with how to avoid the hemorrhoids from returning.

I will repeat this again, surgery must be your last resource!

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