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The simple version of what are hemorrhoids, and the truthful version is that they are one of the biggest curse of modern society.

The sad part is that most of us become victims, caused by our lifestyle.

They are also one of the most misspelled words in the English vocabulary. Some of the different versions are: hemoroids, piles, hemmoroids, hemorroids, hemoroids, hemmorhoids, hemeroids, hemmoroid, haemorrhoid, hemerrhoids, hemmorrhoid, hemmroid, haemorrhoids, hemarroid, hemorhoid, haemmerroids, haemorroid, hemroids, hemorrihoid.

Whatever version you use, it still refers to the same curse.

A hemorrhoid can quiet easily be compared to varicose veins, as they act in the identical manner. The vein walls in the anus area become weak. In most cases caused from too much and continuous pressure.

More pressure is exerted to pass another stool. The vein walls collapse and fill up with blood. When the veins fill up with blood we usually refer to them as swollen hemorrhoids. These can get infected easily due to the stagnant blood.

This condition is very painful.

In the next stools that follow more pressure is exerted. This will successfully break the vein walls and blood will pour in the pan.

Alternatively if no rupture occurred, you will rub your anus vigorously with very rough toilet paper. This will definitely make a rip in the vein walls and you will see the blood on the toilet paper.

This condition may repeat itself again in the next bowel movement.

Different people may develop different symptoms.

The duration period may differ. The pain will always be intense and get worse with the next attack, but in a nutshell this is what they are.

The secret is revealed here for quick and efficient hemorrhoid pain relief .

You will find The best hemorrhoid treatment to be really helpful against hemorrhoid pain.

Fun Fact: #1 Misspelled word hemroids

There are really only two types external and internal hemorrhoids.

Another derivative that can cause enormous pain is fissure hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are not racist. They don't mind your color and or your nationality, or if you are male or female.

Also apart from adults, they don't mind a child or in some cases even an infant.

They will even attack our friendly household pets, like our dogs.

This is the reality of "what are hemorrhoids" really like.

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