What Are Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are still just as threatening as external hemorrhoids. The difference is you cannot see them because as the word implies they are internal.

The good news is you also cannot feel them, meaning there is no pain associated with them. In some cases the only disturbance is that you feel an annoyance in the anal passage, giving you the feeling of always wanting to go to the toilet.

The bad news is that I found that they deteriorate much faster than external hemorrhoids.

So how do you really know that you've got them? seeing that you can't see them or feel them. Well the only symptom will be that you will see bright red blood in the pan, or on the paper, or in the stools. Another common symptom is an anal itch, which is caused by the mucous leaking.

SIDEBAR Always get yourself checked by a doctor, to make sure that the blood is not confused with another ailment. The doctor will have to use a anoscope to see what's going on, due to the fact that the hemorrhoids are up inside the anal passage.

An anoscope is a very thin pipe that has a light on the end that goes in your anus, and an eye piece on the other end for the doctor to look through. This will not hurt at all. A very simple procedure done in the doctor's rooms in less than five minutes. At least you will be sure what you are dealing with.

An internal hemorrhoid is when the vein walls have collapsed, and the hemorrhoid has filled up with blood. In this Case everything is taking place internally, as opposed to externally. only just inside the the anus passage.

That is probably the reason that they do not hurt, because they have not come into contact with air, unlike external hemorrhoids.

Doctors believe that we can't feel anything because they say that we have very few pain receptors in that area.

Pictures of internal Hemorrhoids

Now as I mentioned earlier. You will have a sensation of wanting to go to the toilet. This sensation is very strong and in most cases you will probably go to the toilet.

SIDEBAR You cannot tell the difference, if its really stools calling or not. Every time you go, you will feel like it was the right thing to have done. Very little stools will come out, (due to some strong pushing) because you are already empty. Instead you will only cause more bleeding. The sad part is you will feel it was the right thing to have done.

Until you will have caused these hemorrhoids to come straight out of the anus.

This condition is known as Prolapsed Hemorrhoids.

A very difficult condition to get rid of.

See Prolapsed Hemorrhoids Photos - WARNING GRAPHIC

The most important thing to do for your internal hemorrhoids, is to treat them immediately, as soon as you see the first and only sign of having them, which is the bright red blood in the pan, or on the paper or in the stools.

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