Another Cause Of
Hemorrhoids Bicycling

Why another cause of hemorrhoids bicycling, is not really directly linked to hemorrhoids, but rather it is indirectly linked to hemorrhoids.

This is a question that I often get asked, as people just do not understand the difference of direct and indirect link to hemorrhoids.

To be indirectly linked to hemorrhoids, as is the case with bicycling. That means that it will only cause you hemorrhoids if you are about to have them. Cycling will also deteriorate hemorrhoids further if you already have hemorrhoids.

The reason for this is that when you are seated on a bicycle saddle, little blood is allowed to flow through the anus area, thus deteriorating the hemorrhoids further.

The movement of cycling, also causes the anus to rub on the seat and this friction may also cause further hemorrhoid deterioration.

Cause Of Hemorrhoids

If on the other hand you do not have hemorrhoids, cycling will not cause hemorrhoids.

The reason for this is that your anus is full of good clean blood continually circulating with vigor. One, this is due to the exercise in other words  the cycling, and two the rubbing on the saddle also helps to move the blood along.

This keeps the anus area healthy, and thus the hemorrhoids are also healthy and strong.

So even the diminishing blood circulation, or the rubbing on the saddle when cycling, is not enough to cause hemorrhoids to a healthy anus, because it works in an opposite effect. In other words, the blood circulation does not diminish, but rather increases in a healthy anus.

So basically in a nutshell, a healthy anus improves with cycling, and an unhealthy anus deteriorates with cycling. 

That is why cycling is not directly linked to hemorrhoids, but rather an indirectly related cause.

N.B. " The Mora l" Do not cycle if you are with hemorrhoids, as they will definitely deteriorate further.

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