Chamomile is know by its Latin name of Matricaria Chamomilla and also known by one of its more common names of German chamomilla. It belongs to the daisy flower family and is indigenous to Europe and Asia.

It has many different properties, but it is mainly known for its relaxation properties. It also has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.

It is used for a wide array of ailments from arthritis and rheumatism to all the digestive disorders. Basically it works as a calming agent, therefore, it calms the cramps in the stomach, or intestinal cramps etc...


However it is more popular and very well known for sleep disorders and related nervous conditions. It can be drunk all day, because although a calming agent, it does not interfere with activities such as driving a car or any other thinking tasks.

It is also used with calming babies, suffering from bloating stomachs, or related disorders, and for babies with sleep disorders. 

It is used for hemorrhoids to calm the pain and to help with the process of healing as an anti-flammatory agent.

It is consumed mainly, and it is very well known, as a tea to drink, but can also come as an oil to rub.

I have used this herb on a daily basis for my hemorrhoids, and even for a prolonged period of time, but it just did nothing for me. Even the calming side of things did not work for me.

However, I must confess that at the time my pain was so intense that the sedation was nowhere near strong enough to calm me down.

All the same, once you have got rid of your hemorrhoids. I do recommend a cup of chamomilla tea every night as an excellent gentle sedative to get a good nights sleep.

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