Colon Clear

A colon clear as the name indicates means clearing or cleansing the colon. This should be done only after trying to soften your stools with a stool softener. In other words if you have a hard case of constipation.

A hard case of constipation in most cases is caused by the wrong diet.

The colon cleanse works like a broom. It sweeps out all the old food left over dirt. This old left over food begins to rot, and that causes problems and does not allow the stools to come out easily.

Hence by sweeping out all this old muck, you will clean and rejuvenate the colon and in return it will start working properly again.

SIDEBAR: If this muck is left in the colon for a long period of time, in some cases it can turn badly and cause colon cancer. Hence another reason to use a colon clear.

There are many different types on the market. The more potent ones must be associated with a drastic diet for a period of five days or more. The more gentile systems are easier because you only have to take tablets or powders, without the diet.

Digest It Colon Cleanse

Always choose a natural one as opposed to a chemical made one.

It is recommended that if you tend to have a bad constipation, you should do a cleanse every six months. This cleans the colon out and promotes regularity.

N.B. Do not abuse this product as it may strip the lining of the bowels of good bacteria.

However if you change your diet slightly, by including more fiber, you will not need a cleanse in the future as the colon will work perfectly.

I would also recommend a cleanse every time you change your diet. A good example of this, is when you return from a holiday and you re-assume your regular eating habits.

It would then be wise to do a colon cleanse.

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