Colon Polyp

A colon polyp is a growth on the wall of the colon. You could get one polyp or more than one at the time. These polyps present themselves as flat or they could be raised. They can vary in size from the size of a pin head to the size of a golf ball.

Polyps growths in some circumstances appear because of cancer, in other instances they can become cancerous and in other situations they just remain benign, which means they never become cancerous.

Anybody can get polyps, but it is more prevalent if you are over the age of fifty, or you have had polyps before, or if you have had uterus or ovarian cancer, or if any of your family members have had polyps.

Other situations that make it more risky to get polyps is the following:

If you eat a lot of greasy foods

if you smoke

if you drink alcohol excessively

if you live a sedentary lifestyle

if you are overweight

The most common symptoms for polyps is none at all, but in certain situations blood in the stools, or in the pan, or diarrhea or even constipation can occur. These very same symptoms that can easily be confused with hemorrhoids.

A colon polyp is usually diagnosed in either two ways. The first and preferred way is a colonoscopy. This is where the surgeon uses a flexible tube with a light on the end, inserted though your anus.

The second is Barium X ray. This is where barium and air is slowly pushed in the bowel, through the anus with a small pipe, and an x ray is then taken.

The only option for polyps is to remove them surgically.

The obvious reason for this is because if left alone, they can become cancerous. This is usually automatically done when diagnosed, via a colonoscopy procedure.

For polyp prevention you must do the opposite of the above mentioned risks. Namely, no smoking, very little greasy foods, little alcohol, plenty of exercise, and loosing weight, especially if you are nearing the age of fifty.

To top it all up a high fibrous and calcium diet is also recommended for prevention.

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