Dog Hemorrhoids

Even dog hemorrhoids are becoming a common affair. Although dogs know the right way to evacuate themselves, in other words the all important "crouching position."

walking on all fours also avoids putting any additional pressures on the anus, and yet they are still getting canine hemorrhoids. Why?

The main cause for this is the food that you feed to the dog. In many cases some of these pellet foods, has just not got the right ratio in them and the fiber is not enough.

When the food lacks of the fiber, the dog will suffer from a hard stool (constipation) and evacuation becomes a mission. This will then cause them hemorrhoids.

Alternatively, if you are giving your dog cooked food, you must be careful with feeding too much rice. Rice being a stringent will cause a hard stool.

Also different types of rice have different levels of starch. It is the starch in the rice that has the stringent properties.

Dog Hemorrhoids

Another cause of hemorrhoids in dog, is the side effects of some medication that you might be giving to your dog. The side effect causes constipation, and thus hemorrhoids.

The symptoms to look for is blood in the stools. This must not be mistaken with worms, as it is very big in dogs and one of the main symptoms is blood in the stools.

This is "BAXTER" my son's Chihuahua

If your dog is suffering from hemorrhoids, another symptom to look out for is to check when the dog evacuates. By doing this you will notice whether they strain themselves or not while passing the stools.

Also watch if the dog drags his bottom along the floor for long periods of time, this being a sign of anal itch and thus hemorrhoids.

Worms may also cause the dog hemorrhoids, therefore it is advisable to regularly De-worm the dog. Another problem is worms are easily transferred to humans, especially if you have children therefore an extra reason to keeping the dog regularly De-wormed.

Unfortunately I am not very savvy, with dog hemorrhoids treatment. My limited knowledge that I can share with you, is obviously change the food diet immediately by removing the rice.

Add more vegetables for a few days, until the stool is normal then re-introduce a limited quantity of rice.

Alternatively if the dog is on pellets, change the type of pellet. Talk with the pet shop and find a pellet with more vegetable or fiber in them.

SIDEBAR: Something important is to try and change the water in the dogs bowel two to three times a day. By keeping continual fresh water supply, it encourages the dog to drink more. Extra water intake, helps to keeping the stools easier and softer.

Another good tip is to always add some water with the pellets, never give dry pellets only.

In the meantime I would rub a little Preparation H Hemorrhoid Ointment on the dogs behind.

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