Fleet Enema

A fleet enema is basically a simple saline solution. You do find other types with chemicals inside. A saline solution is just a water and salt mixture.

An enema should only be used after you have tried to soften your stools with a stool softener first.

If the stools are still hard, stuck and won't come out easily. It means you are at extremes, so rather than PUSHING out the stools, with a mighty force. Use an enema instead.

N.B. Abuse of the use of enemas is very dangerous. Your intestines can become lazy and stop working altogether by over using enemas.

Therefore it is imperative that you monitor the use of enemas.

Try to soften your stools by eating and execising properly together with a good stool softener.

Having said that, if the occasion does presents itself that you cannot evacuate easily, by all means use an enema.

If you find that you do need an enema regularly, which is a big no no. Then rather look at doing a colon clear. This should help you, and it is much better and healthier for you.


How to use an enema:

It is very important that you use some ointment in and around your anus, especially if you are with hemorrhoids.

Also put some ointment on the tip of the enema, before insertion.

Lie on your side with your legs curled up. Insert and sqeeze the bottle, until all the saline is inserted.

Now try to avoid going to the toilet immediately. The longer you can hold, the better you will empty yourself. Try to hold for at least 10 to 15 minutes if you can. This could vary from person to person, but at least this is a good guideline of time.

An alternative to using an enema is using glycerine suppositories. This is especially a good idea with children. Enemas are even more dangerous to use with children.

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