Hemorrhoid Help That Works

The hemorrhoid help that really works on your hemorrhoids following the sitz bath and the ice packs is using the correct ointment and suppository.

Another important fact is to know how to apply the ointment correctly.

Use an ointment like Preparation H Max Hemorrhoid Cream,or Tronolane Hemorrhoid Cream Spread it around the anus and go up the anus with the tip of your forefinger only.

If you are suffering with an internal hemorrhoid, then use the applicator supplied with the ointment. The secret here is to softly rub it in as much as possible, (without hurting yourself further) so that it gets better absorption

Make the use of Hemorrhoid Preparation H Suppositories or the Tronolane Hemorrhoidal Suppositories as well the creams. One morning and night, plus one after every bowel movement.

Take some Ibuprofen Gels immediately. This will not only help with the pain, but also help with the hemorrhoids healing process.

The area in and around the hemorrhoids needs to always be clean and dry. So you must use flushable wipes as opposed to toilet paper to clean yourself properly, and dry yourself by dabbing toilet paper, not rubbing the toilet paper.

Note: After several days on the above mentioned ointments. The hemorrhoids have started settling down, you should switch to Preparation H Ointment for another week.

The above hemorrhoids treatments is the quickest hemorrhoid help to start getting some hemorrhoid relief from the pain.

The next stage is adding fiber to your diet and most importantly is knowing how to evacuate properly on the toilet. In doing this the hemorrhoids carry on settling down, and get a chance to heal completely.

This will also serve for the hemorrhoids not to return with a vengeance.

By downloading my hemorrhoids E book, you will find the hemorrhoid cure for severe cases of hemorrhoids. In the book you will also find the information regarding the fiber diet and the step by step evacuation procedures on the toilet.

Plus To help you further, seeing that I know exactly what you are going through and also to prove to you that I am very confident that my hemorrhoids cures, will help you get rid of your hemorrhoids permanently. I have for a limited time only an amazing special that needs your attention.

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