Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Photos

The Following thrombosed hemorrhoid photos range from a less severe case to a lot more severe case.

My Hemorrhoids E-Book cures deals with all the different cases of hemorrhoids, including these severe cases as per the below pictures. It also gives you a simple natural solution to these problems, including the all important solution so that hemorrhoids never come back.

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Be warned that the below pictures are really gross and can offend, and or  re vault some viewers. Definitely not suited for minors.

The first picture, although a rather large thrombosed external hemorrhoid, it has not yet turned blueish in color, suggesting that it is still a newly formed thrombosed hemorrhoid.

From this picture you can also see that it still looks fresh and healthy. But off course it will still give a lot of pain and problems. If you don't do anything about it, or if you don't know what to do about it, it will not take much to deteriorate to the next stage pretty quickly.

Hemorrhoid Photos

This next photo of a thrombosed external hemorrhoid is more severe as the hemorrhoid has started to turn blueish on top. By the way the larger one is the thrombosed hemorrhoid. The smaller one look more like a internal hemorrhoid to me.

When the hemorrhoid starts turning blueish like in the below picture, is a sign that the blood is no longer feeding this area, and the complications will worsen.

Hemorrhoid Photos

The next photo of thrombosed external hemorrhoids suggests that it is even more severe than before, as the blueish color is very dark. It actually has turned more black than blue in color, meaning that it has been around for a long time.

Naturally this is a worse condition than the above hemorrhoid, and the pain a severity is a lot more. 

Hemorrhoid Photos

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This last thrombosed hemorrhoids picture shows the hemorrhoid bleeding.

Hemorrhoid Photos

If your hemorrhoids are like the pictures above, then get help immediately and cure your hemorrhoids permanently, with easy simple step by step procedures, by reading Fresh Hemorrhoids Cure.

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