Are Hemorrhoid Suppositories Beneficial?

There is a conflict of information on hemorrhoid suppositories as to the benefit of using a suppository for hemorrhoids. Some sources say they are an absolute waste of time while others say they are very beneficial.

Firstly I will start off by saying that quiet a few European countries, cure many different ailments via a suppository. It is said that the body absorbs suppositories better in some circumstances than the pill or the liquids.

With hemorrhoids I believe that you should rather use a suppository with internal hemorrhoids.

The cream might not go up the anus far enough, hence the support of a suppository is needed.

Unlike external hemorrhoids where the cream is directly in contact with the hemorrhoid and is suffice.

If you suspect to have internal and external hemorrhoids, or you are not sure. I would use both the cream and the suppository.

Off course do not forget later to get yourself checked by a professional as to what type of hemorrhoids you are suffering from.

Personally I have always used the aid of both the cream and the suppository. Even when I was suffering with only external hemorrhoids.

I found the anesthetic in the suppository would add to calming the pain even more, and help in the healing process.

I would however use the suppository only once a day (bed time)as opposed to three times daily.

SIDEBAR: I was not worried about the expense, but rather about reducing my pain and the best treatment for my hemorrhoids.

The idea is to use the same name hemorrhoid suppositories as the hemorrhoid cream that you are using.

Usually the cream and the suppository contain the same active ingredients.

If you cannot get the same name suppository. Look at your ingredients in the cream and find a suppository with the same ingredients, or at least in the same cream strength that you are using.

Some examples are as follows: if you are using Preparation H ointment then use Preparation H Suppositories.

The only suppository that I know of, that has a different formula to the cream is Tronolane Hemorrhoidal Suppositories.

To insert a suppository successfully, without too much tribulation.

Lie on the bed on one side with your knees folded.

Lubricate the tip of the suppository with the cream.

A little cream in and around your anus.

Insert suppository. Keep your finger in with the suppository, until the suppository goes up.

If the suppository does not go, push the suppository slightly further up until it does.

N.B. Always remember to wash hands and finger thoroughly before insertion.

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