Hemorrhoids and Occupations

Are hemorrhoids and occupations directly linked is the question here. Well the simple answer to this is NO, they are not linked in any way. The reason is that the source of the problem that causes hemorrhoids is not any type of work.

Hence work is not related to hemorrhoids.

However, if you have already got a case of hemorrhoids, then certain types of occupations can deteriorate your hemorrhoids further.

A good example of this is if you are in a job that requires you to  sit for prolonged periods of time or to stand for prolonged periods of time.

This most definitely can deteriorate your hemorrhoids further to the next stage.

The solution if you do have hemorrhoids and fall in the above category with your job, is simply try to sit or stand whatever the case is, every twenty minutes for periods of about five minutes.

Hemorrhoids Causes

This will help in not deteriorating your hemorrhoids further, or at least it will help to slow down the process.

Now, the more complexed answer to the above  question, are hemorrhoids directly linked to occupations? is YES, but only in some very rare circumstances.

An example of this, is a job like truck driving, this can really cause  hemorrhoids.  The reason for this is that for some people only sitting all day with no regular breaks, can weaken the veins in the anus area, thus causing hemorrhoids.

Another good example is a job like a heart surgeon, which can cause hemorrhoids. For some people standing for many hours with no regular breaks can weaken the veins in the anus area, thus causing hemorrhoids.

But I will repeat that this happens only in very rare circumstances, so generally you can say that work is not really directly linked to hemorrhoids.

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