by Lisa

I had my hemorroid surgery 2 weeks ago yesterday. I was scared to death to get it done and cried everytime i thought about it. I have to say that recovery right after surgery was the worst of it. I was so groggy from the surgery and the pressure was so bad. They kept giving me good drugs to help with the pain but I had spasms almost like i was vomiting. So i had pushed out some of the packing. I was very uncomfortable to say the least on the way home and after i got home until my husband went to the drug store and got my pain killers.
I will say this my doctor wrote me a prescription for lortab. I asked him to change it to percocet, i wanted the strongest i could get because i had already been in pain 2 weeks adding up to the surgery. I'm glad that is what i got, it made it so bearable. I was real worried about bowel movements so i took exactly what the doctor told me to 1 miralax and 10 mg dulcolax. welllllll that was alittle bit of overkill for me, as i had diarrhea the day after surgery. Still with the pain killers it was bearable. During the past two weeks it has been uncomfortable, i stopped the pain killers on the ninth day and by the 11th day post surgery i could have a bowel movement without pain. If you have spasms after surgery don't be afraid to ask for a muscle relaxer. That helped too. So now here i am, my first dr appt. tomorrow and i'm sure he will release me back to work.
It still is a little sore to sit for too long and it does still itch but it is so much better. All in All it wasn't as bad as i had in my head. Hope this helps...

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