Hemroid Pictures



Not everybody has the stomach for the GRAPHIC pictures you are about to see. Some people might also find these pictures to be very offensive. These pictures are definitely not for any under age people.

However if you are young, and I am referring to over eighteens here,

or have a new bout of hemorrhoids,

or even if you have never had hemorrhoids,

then you should consider to take a look at these pictures in order to avoid getting to this stage. Some people get to the below stages pretty quickly.

However, again I repeat myself, to be prepared to see some really sensitive, graphic and offensive pictures.

So before you scroll down, do take your time to think if you want to proceed,  or not!

The first two pictures are of thrombosed external hemorrhoids

The second picture of thrombosed external hemorrhoids is in a worse condition than the first. You can tell this by the very dark color (black) of the hemorrhoid, although smaller than the first.

hemroid pictures

Hemroid Pictures

The next two pictures are of prolapsed hemorrhoids

Once again the second picture of prolapsed hemorrhoids is in a worse condition to the first picture. This you can tell by the white blob, meaning that probably the hemorrhoid is infected.

Hemroid Pictures

Hemroid Pictures

It is very easy for hemorrhoids to deteriorate to the above stages within a very small amount of time. Off course this does vary from person to person, therefore it would be best to avoid this situation at all costs.

I would like to point out that it is very difficult to get pictures like these above. Hence I want to officially send a special thank you to my doner. 
Both these prolapsed hemorrhoid pictures were donated to me by surgeon  Barry Hsu.

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