Horse Chestnut

There are different varieties of Horse chestnut trees. The one that we are looking at for medicinal purposes is known in Latin as Aesculus Hippocastanum.

It is native to the Balkan Peninsula which are the countries in and around Greece, Albania and Macedonia although it is grown in the Northern Hemisphere countries.

The flowers, leaves, bark and the seeds are used to extract the medicinal product.

Horse Chestnut

It is mainly known for its silicon properties and anti-flammatory properties. Therefore it is used for an array of ailments. Including the following ailments:

It is used for varicose veins and spider veins, reduces swelling especially in the brain, bruising, different types of fractures, brain traumas, heart strokes, cramps in the legs, congestion of the uterus and cervix, and for deep vein thrombosis.

In the use for hemorrhoids, it helps by glueing up the broken veins, and the anti-inflammatory properties helps in keeping the inflammation at bay.

This herb is often seen together with Butcher's Broom. It is consumed mainly as a capsule or a cream, but it also comes in liquid form.

This is a herb I have not used personally, but some of the people that I have interviewed during my research have used this herb and unfortunately were all disappointed with the poor results the got.

Having said that, even if it did help in any way it is still not suffice to get rid of hemorrhoids for ever. The keyword here is " For Ever " and I say this, because if you do not know how to stop hemorrhoids from returning, you can cure them as much as you like to no avail.

As hemorrhoids will always come back, and unfortunately every time they do come back, they will be in a more deteriorated condition than the time before.

You would still need to consider the other treatments available to help with your hemorrhoids.

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