Incontinence is the main reason that I luckily never went through with surgery for my hemorrhoids. When I heard that there was a minimal risk, I definitely did not want to go ahead.

Surgeons will tell you that the risk is minimal, however I was not prepared to take even a minimal risk.

During surgery it is easy for the surgeon to mistakenly touch, or cut the nerves that control your stools, or the nerves that control your urine. This is easily done because the nerves for the urine and for the stools all run throughout the anus and the hemorrhoid is part of the same package.

Hemorrhoids Incontinence

When they cut the hemorrhoids out or staple them, it is a very delicate procedure as you can imagine, and to avoid these particular nerves is an even more difficult task for the surgeon.

If they touch the stool sensor nerves, this will result in you passing wind without realizing it. On the same token, if the stool sensor nerves are very badly damaged, the consequences are that you will not be aware at all of you passing the stools.

The same applies to the urine sensor nerves. If these nerves are damaged in any way, then you will urinate yourself without realizing you are doing so.

This permanent damage can be very daunting for some people, and you would have to live for the rest of your life with nappies.

To me the thought of remaining with this problem is one of the worst things that could happen in my life. Therefore this forced my brain in overdrive mode, until I came up with the permanent cure for hemorrhoids,  thus avoiding all surgery.

Now thanks to the excellent results of my permanent cure for hemorrhoids, you too can take advantage and cure your hemorrhoids permanently without surgery.

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