Potatoes And Hemorrhoids

Before we look at if potatoes and hemorrhoids actually works. A little background on the potato first.

The potato also known as a spud, or a tater was introduced to Europe around the 1700. The potato Originates from the area of Peru and Bolivia. It is the fourth largest food crop, because it is widely used as a staple diet. There are around five thousand different types of potatoes.

It forms part of the starch foods.

The potato is very nutritious and contains various vitamins and minerals, and is a very good source of carbohydrate.

Potatoes and Hemorrhoids

I am afraid that is as far as it goes. There is no written material anywhere that illustrates in any way that the potato has any type of healing properties at all.

However, I will admit to you that at the time that I was suffering really bad with my hemorrhoids. Even after I had done some research on the potato. I realized that it would have been just a complete waste of time.

BUT, I still went ahead and tried this method of putting a raw potato on my hemorrhoids, but off course, true to its properties, nothing happened.

How embarrassing!

It definitely does not work!

Save the potato and cut it up into chips, or some nice mash. Much Better.

So potatoes for hemorrhoids is definitely just another false rumor going around. Be Careful. Do your research first, educate yourself, as there is a lot of rubbish going around, like the potato especially found on the internet.

Knowledge is light

Don't be fooled by some potatoes, and other such products to cure your hemorrhoids.

Rather look at the natural hemorrhoids treatment section to find more effective ways of curing hemorrhoids naturally.

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