Preparation H Maximum Strength

Preparation H maximum strength cream is manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Wyeth. It is available world wide.

It can be used for both internal hemorrhoids. and external hemorrhoids.

Its uses are for the following:

* It helps to temporarily relieve all pain associated with hemorrhoids, soreness and burning on contact.

* It helps with the relief of anus itching general discomforts associated with hemorrhoids.

* It helps to temporarily shrink the hemorrhoid tissue and thus relieves with burning.

* It helps to temporarily provide a coating on the hemorrhoids thus relieving of anorectal discomforts.

* It helps to temporarily protect the inflamed and irritated anorectal area thus helping to reduce with the pain associated to bowel evacuation.

Preparation H Hemorrhoidal Cream, Maximum Strength

The active ingredients contained in this cream are:


Phenylephrine HCLVasconstrictor
Pramoxine HCLLocal anesthetic
White PetrolatumProtectant

As you can see from the formula above. There is two protectants, one vasconstrictor and one anesthetic making this an ideal formula for a more complexed case of hemorrhoids.

You will have two different ingredients helping to protect the area from any further deterioration, or irritation.

While the area is well protected, you have another ingredient helping to cure the existing damage and an ingredient making the area numb so that you don't feel any pain.

That is the main difference between the two formulas of preparation H and preparation H maximum strength. The maximum strength has the anesthetic, which will numb the pain on contact.

Thus makes the formula stronger and for more complexed hemorrhoids.

IMPORTANT: Before use, always read the product information supplied in the box: The directions, The Warnings, The Side Effects, The Overdosing, The Contra-Indications and any other Important information supplied example being pregnant.

Please don't forget the cream is not enough to get rid of hemorrhoids.

You need to combine this with the natural treatments.

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