Sitting For Long Periods Of Time

Sitting for long periods of time will most definitely deteriorate your hemorrhoids. The reason for this is after a prolonged period of sitting the blood circulation slows down completely, as it's blocked off by sitting, and can't circulate properly.

Therefore inner pressures are created to try to push the blood along.

This condition is worse with an external hemorrhoid.

The reason for this being: Firstly the blood will struggle a lot more to circulate with an external hemorrhoid being compressed between a seat and your rectum cheeks.

Secondly the extra pain you will cause by pushing pressure on the external hemorrhoid by sitting on it will be excruciating.

These pressures ultimately will result in deteriorating your hemorrhoids. This could cause a bleeding rectum, or more swelling of the hemorrhoid.

SIDEBAR: Blood circulation is what is needed to keep purifying and cleaning the blood. Therefore, when there is a weak or no blood circulation, there is also a big risk of infection.

But most importantly the part that we are mostly concerned  with, is that it could cause you a lot more PAIN.

This We Want To Avoid

Therefore it is advisable to avoid long periods of sitting when you are experiencing a bout of hemorrhoids.

Cause of Hemorrhoids

The best thing to do is to take a few days off work,  just until the hemorrhoids have time to settle down a little.

Alternatively I understand if this is really not possible, try to at least stand for periods of ten minutes at a time in the hour.

This will relieve the circulation a little and thus will avoid putting any more pressure on the hemorrhoids than you already have got, and most importantly it will avoid the risk of infection.

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