What Does Hemorrhoids Look Like

In this last video in the series, what does hemorrhoids look like. You will see the worst degree of Prolapsed hemorrhoids.

This is where the hemorrhoids are permanently prolapsed and sit outside the anus.

These tend to bleed often and cause tremendous pain.

I apologize to continually repeat myself, but I must point out again that these images are really horrific to look at. Therefore I urge you to think whether you are indeed a viewer capable to stomach these type of images.  


Usually these fourth degree prolapsed hemorrhoids are very difficult to get rid off and surgery would be the next option on the list.

However surgery does have its own complications and should be avoided if at all possible.

I totally oppose surgery because of all the various complications that can arise. Another major reason why I oppose surgery is that the hemorrhoid usually returns.

I must mention a special thank you for these images, as they are hardly possible to get hold of.  These above pictures were kindly donated to me by Barry Hsiu.

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