Ageing and Hemorrhoids

Unfortunately with the ageing process all the small ailments that one has been suffering from in ones younger years, and I do call them small ailments because when you are young you don't make it an issue, are more likely to become worse as age progresses.

Hemorrhoids unfortunately are no exemption.

Actually hemorrhoids tend to deteriorate more and more after every bout of hemorrhoids that you get. This deterioration also becomes worse the older you get and always harder to cure.

The reason for this above mentioned statement is that the older one gets, the blood circulation system slows down more and deteriorates more and more.

The blood circulation is actually what restores the hemorrhoids and heals them thus getting rid of hemorrhoids altogether. This is done by strengthening the vein walls. It works exactly like a varicose vein in ones leg, because a hemorrhoid is actually a varicose vein. The only difference is that a hemorrhoid is a varicose vein in the butt area and not in the leg area.

Old Age and Hemorrhoids

Another problem with Ageing is that we tend to lack movement more and more.

Exercise is very important and vital in maintaining a good and soft bowel motion. With a bad stool motion, you have a big chance of causing the hemorrhoids to deteriorate further.

So with getting older it is very important to do some movement during the day to keep that blood circulating properly. Even if it is just walking around the block, or around the garden. Something is better than nothing, but off course the more you do the better it is for your hemorrhoids, your bowels and also your well being in general.

It is also very important to eat a healthy diet and making sure you get  sufficient daily water intake.

This will also not only help with hemorrhoids, but it will also help in your general well-being.

So the moral of the story here is to look after your hemorrhoids as soon as you can, or should I say as soon as you get them. You should not wait until you get older in age to do something about them, when ultimately it will get harder and harder to getting rid of them.

I have not experienced having hemorrhoids at an elderly age as yet, but I have spoken to some folks in an old age home who have described to me the feeling as horrible and very complicated.

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