The All Natural Bleeding Hemorrhoids Cure

The bleeding hemorrhoids cure that stands out amongst all the different treatments available, and there are many, believe it or not is this all simple natural way as below explained.

This is the only treatment that worked for me, and I am qualified to say this, because I have tried most of the treatments out there. This treatment is also the one that worked for all the people that I have put onto this treatment. It is simple, effective and most importantly it really works.

This is simply the Sitz Bath.

The sitz bath if done the proper way really does work. However, you must be consistent with your sitz bath. It must be done at least three times a day and after all bowel movements.

I know you will feel nothing is happening sitting in a tub for twenty minutes, and it will feel absolutely pointless to do this.

I also know that it's hard to do and also so time consuming to fit into the days chores.

But behind the scene, this simple method of the sitz bath will disinfect and stimulate blood circulation in the anus area, which is exactly what is needed in the healing hemorrhoids process.

It will also work with bleeding internal hemorrhoids, although you will not realize it. The water does actually work its way up the anal passage.

Another Natural Bleeding Hemorrhoids Cure

If you are using this method of cure with bleeding external hemorrhoids you should always alternate your sitz bath with ice packs.

This immediate natural cure for bleeding hemorrhoids, the sitz bath adding to this with some good over the counter hemorrhoid creams will help to get some hemorrhoid pain relief and stop the bleeding hemorrhoids.

However for the bleeding to stop permanently, and to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently.

You will also have to do something about keeping your stools soft.

This you can achieve simply by looking at your food quality, this is easily done together with your daily water intake. Also a little daily exercise is another requirement to keeping stools soft and easy to evacuate.

But most importantly, is also making sure you know exactly how to  evacuate easily and effortlessly on the toilet. This might seem easy and strange, but it is not. This is the real secret in keeping hemorrhoids away permanently.

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