Chronic Diarrhea Or Not

It doesn't matter whether you have chronic diarrhea or not. You can still cause hemorrhoids or cause hemorrhoids to deteriorate further if you already have hemorrhoids.

A lot of us don't realize that when you have diarrhea, you actually PUSH to evacuate the stool.

This Pushing is nearly the same strain as when you are constipated.Thus may cause hemorrhoids.

Another problem with diarrhea is the repetition of evacuating several times in a short period of time, causes the area around the anus to be irritated and fragile, thus leading to a possibility of causing hemorrhoids.

So in short chronic or not, diarrhea must be avoided at all times.

Therefore it is important that as soon as you get the first sign of diarrhea, that would be either the rumbling feeling in your guts, or the very first loose stool.

Cause of Hemorrhoids

You Must Act Immediately.

Don't wait to see what happens in the next few hours or so.

Avoid all foods that make you go to the toilet, usually these are  fiber foods and dairy products, especially if you are lactose intolerant. Start eating foods that don't make you go to the toilet.

In my case, a big lemon squeeze in water helps me enormously and eating plain white rice will stop it. But off course everybody is different, so you should know what tends to give you constipation, and that is what you eat.

Alternatively taking anti-diarrhea tablets like imodium is another solution for more stubborn cases or if it's a virus bug.

When it's Chronic, the case is a little more complicated. Usually being very strict with the diet, you should be able to avoid the diarrhea bouts.

Just avoid the diarrhea to avoid the hemorrhoids.

This is enemy number two for hemorrhoids. Followed by enemy number three for hemorrhoids which is flatulence.

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