All About Hemorrhoids Constipation

Hemorrhoids constipation is a very big problem, and is on the rise on a daily basis. Something must be done to stop this in it's tracks.

A lot more people are constipated than they know. I am a typical example of that. I had not realized I was constipated until years later, after I had mutilated my anus with every kind of hemorrhoid possible.

If you go to the toilet and four times out of five you have to PUSH to evacuate your stools, then you are constipated. Even if you only PUSH slightly. It might be only very mild, but you are still constipated.

SIDEBAR - Stools should not be PUSHED at all to evacuate. The stools should come out by themselves, without any effort at all.

In most cases this type of constipation is brought about because of our modern toilets.

Constipation may also be caused by not eating enough fiber in our diet. Not enough daily fluid intake. Ignoring going to the toilet when you get the call. Side effect of certain medications. Lack of movement.

Abuse of laxatives, and the more complexed situations like irritable bowels syndrome and intestinal or colon problems.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids

The stools are pushed along in the intestine.

As you can see in the picture.

The intestine tapers down near the anus and thus there is a good chance of stools being blocked at the exit point.

Pushing on the toilet is the number one cause of hemorrhoids.

Pushing on the toilet is the number one cause that will deteriorate the hemorrhoids further, and make it harder to find hemorrhoids cures.


Firstly: by keeping the stools soft by adding fiber in your diet, water to lubricate the stools, exercise to process it all up and a stool softener to make certain the stools are soft.

Secondly: by evacuating on a modern toilet without pushing.

This will keep the constipation (PUSH) at bay and thus will allow hemorrhoids to heal and never come back.

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