Coffee and Hemorrhoids

The combination of coffee and hemorrhoids is not lethal at all, if the coffee is drunk moderately. By moderately I mean one to two cups daily, anything above that will start to become a problem.

Moderately drunk Coffee does not cause hemorrhoids. However, the problem that coffee does cause is dehydration of the body. This dehydration causes dry stools and may also cause constipation, thus causing hemorrhoids.

So the solution is simply try to always drink an extra glass or two of water when you are drinking coffee to avoid any dehydration to the body.

Coffee and Hemorrhoids

SIDEBAR: This extra glass of water, should be on top of your daily water intake.

The other symptom that coffee may cause, is the caffeine causes a buzz in the blood flow, thus causing bleeding hemorrhoids to bleed even more.

This is usually true with heavy coffee drinkers only. However if you see that you are bleeding more than usual, and you are only drinking coffee moderately, I  suggest to stop the coffee immediately.

Coffee overdosing may cause a variety of different symptoms including but not limited to the following: restlessness, hot flushes, gastrointestinal problems, cardiac associated problems, excitement, nervousness, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, disturbed thinking process, speech problems, hyperglycemia, delirious and the worst one is unfortunately is addiction to the coffee.

So in conclusion, drinking coffee does not effect your hemorrhoids.

Unless you are a heavy coffee drinker, where all the extra water you drink will not suffice compared to the amount of coffee you drink.

If you are a heavy coffee drinker, and are with hemorrhoids, try to reduce your coffee intake slowly over a period of time. Do not stop the coffee overnight, because the withdrawal symptoms are hard to cope with.

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