Coughing And Hemorrhoids

We all hate coughing, but at some time in our lives we all do cough.

Whether it is because of a simple cold that you have caught along the way or a bug or some food swallowed the wrong way or it could even be a more complex situation like bronchitis or pluritis.

Whatever the reason, that is completely irrelevant with our situation. As long as you make sure that you are not with a cough, while you are also experiencing a bout of hemorrhoids.

The reason for saying that is that when we cough, especially for a long and insisting period of time, you will exert a lot of pressure directly to the anus area.

SIDEBAR: Try coughing, and you will feel it directly in your anus area, with every cough you make. That is how direct it is!

This extra pressure exerted in the anal area will irritate the hemorrhoids more and more, and that will cause the situation to worsen.

Cause of Hemorrhoids

In some instances you can

actually produce pain

to your hemorrhoid

with every cough.

With internal hemorrhoids, the pressure you put on your anus with each cough can cause the hemorrhoid to come straight out of the anus, and therefore deteriorating to the next stage of hemorrhoids.

This is known as a prolapsed hemorrhoid. A situation you would want to avoid.

The best thing you should do if you start a cough, and you have hemorrhoids at the same time is the following:

Get yourself a cough mixture immediately to stop the symptoms, before they get out of hand and worsen your hemorrhoids to the next stage.

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