Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are one of the worst hemorrhoid conditions to have, and unfortunately, they happen quiet easily.

They happen mainly due to the continuous daily pushing to evacuate the stools. But can also happen if any other outside pressure is forced to the anus area, like lifting a heavy weight, or standing on your feet for long periods of time, amongst many other causes.

This condition happens when the internal hemorrhoid is literally pushed out of the anus.

The reason I say they are one of the worst conditions to have is because firstly the hemorrhoid pain is unbearable and secondly they are very hard to get rid of hemorrhoids.

At an early stage, you can literally push the hemorrhoid back up your anus with your forefinger. This for the medical fraternity is known as the first degree.

Now provided you don't exert any more pressure of any kind, the hemorrhoid will stay up. Unfortunately if you do exert more pressure, like pushing on the toilet. You will have a protruding hemorrhoid and it will hurt terribly.

This will carry on, until you reach the stage of no return. This means the hemorrhoid will not go back up the anus with your finger.

This will be known as a third or a fourth degree hemorrhoid depending on the size and severity.

The pictures of Prolapsed Hemorrhoids are graphic for some people.

This prolapsed condition can go one step further like with myself and become strangulated hemorrhoids. This is where the anus muscles just go into a spasm and cut off the blood supply completely to the hemorrhoid.

With this condition the hemorrhoid becomes infected easily as blood circulation is what keeps infections at bay.

The pain is again at unbearable thresholds.

The treatment for these hemorrhoids would be the same as for internal hemorrhoids, except in this case you would be using a stronger ointment like proctosedyl.

The ointment is to be spread on the hemorrhoid with your finger and up the anus with the applicator together with the suppositories of the same name.

Make sure you do not put any new pressure on the anus.

Reading my E-book will help you more, as I not only cover how to get rid of all hemorrhoids, but also what to do so that they don't return.

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