External Hemorrhoids Treatment That Help

Let's look at which external hemorrhoids treatment will help get you some hemorrhoids relief from the pain and with the external hemorrhoids bleeding.

The treatments go from looking at natural hemorrhoids treatment section to hemorrhoids treatment section to maybe even considering having hemorrhoids surgery.

I on the other hand am totally opposed to hemorrhoids surgery, because I have had surgery several times, but it has not helped me at all.

If anything, it actually worsened my problem from the aspect of a lot of extra pain and after all that the hemorrhoids returned in less than a month.

However there is in some particular circumstances, where the only solution is surgery, and I must admit this fact. Usually one of these particular circumstances is when you have a fourth degree or worse    external thrombosed hemorrhoids.

N.B. In most cases, around 95%, you can avoid surgery! 

Last but not least is educating yourself on the subject, which is exactly what you are doing by reading this site. Nothing beats knowledge, because you are now in a position to take an informed decision. If you want to take this a step further you can read also my E-Book which explains the step by step guide to get rid of hemorrhoids, and making sure they never come back.

Lets take a look at the first step in the hemorrhoid treatment, which would be soaking in a sitz bath for around twenty minutes at the time. This should be your top priority.

Repeat your sitz bath three times daily, and alternate this treatment with ice packs.

Take some Bruffen tablets to alleviate any pain that you might be  having, and use a hemorrhoid ointment like Preparation H.to keep the healing process moving on.

The above mentioned hemorrhoids treatment should suffice to help you start with getting some relief.

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