What Are Fissure Hemorrhoids

This terrible thing called fissure hemorrhoids is really known as anal fissure or rectal fissures. The reason for this is that fissures are not really a type of hemorrhoid, although we refer to them as hemorrhoids.

People refer to them as hemorrhoids because in a lot cases fissures are caused by having hemorrhoids first.

Hemorrhoids fissures is when there is literally a tear in the skin in the anus area. Usually the tear is very minute in size and runs vertically along the anus wall.

The cause for fissures is usually brought about because your skin around the anus is irritated, tense and fragile from all the hemorrhoid problems you have been having.

The most common symptoms are anal itch, a little bright red blood on the paper or in the stools, and a lot of pain with every bowel motion.

It is usually a hard dry stool or maybe some undigested food, or a combination of both that will cause the fissure.

On the other side of the spectrum, by over wiping and over using the anus too much due to diarrhea may also cause fissures.

These fissures may occur with the above mentioned statements, but are more likely to occur with or just after hemorrhoids. In my case a hard dry stool with undigested tiny bread grains caused the rupture during one of my hemorrhoid attacks.

These fissure hemorrhoids occurred a second time with me, I think it was about three years after the first round.

I found this to be the worst situation for me and all my different hemorrhoid problems over the years. The duration period was the longest and the worst, as they are very hard to get rid of hemorrhoids.

They are also the most painful.

Literally you get an unbelievable PAIN every bowel movement which lasts for a very long time after.

Sometimes the pain was so unbearable that I was on the verge of fainting from the pain.

The best cream that helped me with fissure hemorrhoids is scheriproct ointment. Although a nitroglycerin base cream like rectogesic is the recommended ointment by medical practitioners for this type of condition.

I did not use this cream myself the first time around as the side effect of this cream is huge head aches and lightheaded.

This I wanted to avoid.

However with my second round of fissures I did use rectogesic, but it did not help at all, except to give me these huge head aches.

The sheriproct cream must off course be accompanied with the all the natural treatments.

later with my second round, the fissures had become chronic. I found nothing helped including rectogesic and scheriproct.

The only other solution to fissures was to have surgery. This really scared me as there is a possibility of remaining incontinent.

This is when I really had no other choice but to put on my thinking cap more so than in the past. I managed to work out a radical formula to get rid of fissures, the same formula to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently.

Making hemorrhoids and fissures a thing of the past.

This condition is something I wouldn't wish on anybody, as the agony you go through is just unbearable and indescribable.

Even now after years of being cured, while writing this page. I still cringe and get all worked up at the mere thought.

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