Why Is Hemorrhoids Anal Sex Controversial?

Let's take a look at why hemorrhoids anal sex is in fact such a controversial issue and the different opinions out there.

Well the simplest way to put this is that really there are only two theories.

The first theory is that there are some of the practitioners that believe that by the act of anal sex you are actually pushing the hemorrhoids back up the anal passage, and thus getting rid of the hemorrhoids.

This above mentioned theory will only work in the case with internal hemorrhoids, where the hemorrhoids are still relatively new and or also where the hemorrhoids have popped out of the anus and have become known as a prolapsed hemorrhoid.

Second Hemorrhoids Anal Sex Theory

The second theory is that there are other types of practitioners that believe anal sex will only irritate the hemorrhoids further and thus cause a major detrimental damage to them. They think that hemorrhoids are best left alone, to heal and not to be tampered with in any way.

This theory is irrespective of the type of hemorrhoid a person may have, in other words whether they have internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids.

In my opinion, I am a strong believer in the second theory and I definitely think that it is the correct one to follow.

I believe in the second theory as I look at it from the point of view of the pain factor.

I think the pain must be horrific to be bruised anally when one is with hemorrhoids and that is why I say that. 

To take this further, as an example, I would compare this above act to the same following situation: rubbing vigorously with your hand a fresh cut on your arm. Can you imagine!!

The Result would be, I think the same: A VERY AINFUL SITUATION where all the bruising can only but deteriorate the hemorrhoids further.

However, all I can suggest here is that if you are with hemorrhoids and are practicing anal sex, please make sure that you are using a water based lubricant like K-Y Lubricating Jelly to help ease off the pain.

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