Hemorrhoids And Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids and pregnancy just does not sound good at all.

Pregnancy is a very joyous moment for mothers to be, and it would be a pity if this moment is spoiled by some nasty bouts of hemorrhoids.

However if you are careful with the hemorrhoid diet, a little exercise and you make sure you have a natural and soft bowel movement.

You stand a better chance to  prevent hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

If on the other hand you are already with a bout of hemorrhoids, pregnancy can deteriorate them further.

This deterioration is caused by either the extra pressure from the weight of the baby pulling downwards towards the anus area. This is what puts more pressure on the hemorrhoids.

The other cause is when an enormous amount of pressure will be exerted later on at the end of the pregnancy, on the day of delivery.

All this extra pressure may cause the hemorrhoid to deteriorate by coming straight out of the anus, if dealing with an internal hemorrhoid.

This condition is then known as prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Alternatively all this extra pressure may deteriorate the hemorrhoid by causing a lot more hemorrhoid bleeding, and or an even more swollen hemorrhoid, and or worst of all a lot more PAIN.

Off course with a more deteriorated hemorrhoid, it will also be a much harder road to a hemorrhoid cure.

That is why avoiding a hemorrhoid to deteriorate further is so important.

It is impossible to avoid pregnancy and it should not be avoided, but you can avoid the hemorrhoids deteriorating further by following the above mentioned articles, and adding the hemorrhoid treatments section.

N.B. This treatment should be done as soon as possible after the birth. The sooner, the easier it will be to repair. Do Not leave it for long.

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