Do Hemorrhoids Cause Colon Cancer

The question is do hemorrhoids cause colon cancer?

I am very happy to announce that the answer is simply NO.

However having said that I must point out that the symptoms of colon cancer or anal cancer are the very same as hemorrhoids.

In other words you might find blood in the stools, be constipated, bloated, diarrhea, a feeling of always wanting to evacuate, mucus in the stools, anal itch and a lot of pain.

N.B. You might suffer from only one ailment or maybe two or three ailments or you might even suffer with all of the above ailments.

So it is very important to get yourself checked out by a medical doctor if you have any of these symptoms. This is to ascertain yourself that you indeed have a case of hemorrhoids only and not colon cancer, or any other diseases that have the same ailments, and this includes diverticulitis, crohn disease, polyps in the colon or rectum, and ulcerative colitis..

Cancer of the colon is the second most common death in the world.

N.B. With an early detection for colon cancer, death may be avoided.


So don't waste anymore time, if you have not been properly diagnosed as yet, get going. Believe me the medical diagnose is not a big thing and it is not so intrusive. It is really worth knowing where you stand, with your symptoms.

If you are too embarrassed to see a doctor, don't be!! That is there job, and they see body parts everyday every minute of the day.

SIDEBAR: A Synonym for this, is like doctors seeing car parts, everyday.

If you have been diagnosed with Hemorrhoids, then come back here on this site and get your hemorrhoids cured with an all natural and permanent treatment.

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