Hemorrhoids Surgery Risk Of Impotence?

Hemorrhoids surgery risk of impotence is actually a true statement. However surgeons tell us that there is only a minimal chance of this happening.

Hemorrhoids Surgery Risk of Impotence

That I cannot and will not comment on.
All I know is that I personally was not
prepared to take, even a minimal
risk of this kind.

The reason that there is a risk of impotence is that the nerves that regulate the penis erection are together with the other nerves that control the stools and the nerves that control the urine, all in and around the anus area.

In this same area is where you would find a hemorrhoid.

Therefore it becomes a very difficult task for a surgeon to cut out or staple out a hemorrhoid without touching one of these nerves.

If the surgeon accidentally damages the nerve that regulates the penis erection, it will unavoidably cause you impotence.

In most cases the impotence is irreversible. This does however depend on how badly the nerve has been damaged.

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