Ignoring Toilet Calls

A lot of people don't realize that by ignoring toilet calls, they are at risk of deteriorating their hemorrhoids further.

This situation of ignoring the toilet calls may go a step further and result in constipation, which is the number one enemy in hemorrhoids.

This is one the main reason why you should avoid ignoring the call.

Hemorrhoid Causes

Ignoring the toilet calls may not only deteriorate hemorrhoids, but may also result in many other complications in the colon and intestines.

When ignoring the call. You are exerting pressure in the anus area by holding in the anus with all the surrounding tissues, including the hemorrhoids.

This pressure builds up by the minute, and is likely to deteriorate the hemorrhoids further.

It can cause the hemorrhoids to bleed, or to swell more and or the horrible one which is cause more PAIN.

You should go to the toilet within thirty minutes of getting the call. However the sooner the better. But definitely not exceed the thirty minute mark.

However do try to put it in your mind to go as soon as you get the call. This will definitely facilitate the whole toilet process.

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