How Sclerotherapy Injection Works

Sclerotherapy injection is another method used in the attack against hemorrhoids.

This is one of the older methods used. It is when the doctor injects a chemical called phenol into the vein at the base of the hemorrhoid. This causes the blood to stop feeding the hemorrhoid and eventually the hemorrhoid will die and fall off. A scar in the tissue will form in its place.

SIDEBAR: There are other chemicals that can be used for this injection.

Sclerotherapy Injection

This surgery is usually used for small hemorrhoids, or in the elderly who are too fragile and would not be able to withstand any other surgical procedures.

The procedure can be done in the doctors rooms, keeping the costs down.

There is a risk of being allergic to the chemical.

Very painful in general, but even more burning pain if the injection is done too close to the anus.

There is risk of incontinence both the bowel and or the bladder.

There will be bleeding when the hemorrhoid actually falls off, and may last  for several days later. Bleeding may also occur from the injection itself. With these conditions of bleeding, you may face the risk of an infection occurring.

In most cases your doctor will ask you to use a sitz bath for the pain. But mainly to heal the tissues. This method is the first treatment highly recommended for all types of hemorrhoid problems.

The hemorrhoids are very common to return with this sclerotherapy procedure. However the procedure may be repeated if need be.

This procedure is now not so widely used as before. Doctors all tend to steer their patients towards Rubber Band Ligation.

My personal take on this is that doctors have realized that this method does not work and causes only aggravation, therefore try to steer you away.  

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